Tuesday, June 22, 2010

What Are You Reading?

I have little else on my mind right now besides my upcoming trip to Boca Grande, FL, where I will be sitting on the beach all day and reading lots and lots of books.  So, today's post is about what I am reading right now, and I am eliciting your recommendations as to what I should read in 10 days when I collapse on the beach.

Here's what I'm reading now: 
(Note: I am one of those "I'm reading 4-5 books at once" kinda girls--I tire of one and start another, only to go back to the others at some point, or sometimes never, if they didn't hold my attention.)

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1. The Lovely Bones
I am almost finished with this and it has been a pretty easy, yet enjoyable read.  It's my Book Club's read of the month.  I would recommend it, and I want to see the movie once I finish reading.

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2. East of Eden
 My friend Beth lent me this book and I started it quite some time ago, but it is really long, and parts of it have lost my attention.  I do plan on finishing though.  Beth says it's her favorite book ever--and when smart friends make that claim, I feel I must push onward to finish!

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3. Love in the Time of Cholera
Yes, I started this one (again) while I was at the beach with my family in May, but have yet to finish it.  As you may remember from this post, it is my favorite book of all-time.

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4. Made From Scratch: Discovering the Pleasures of a Handmade Life
This is a quick-read.  Can't remember where I heard about it, but probably one of the green/organic food blogs I read.  It is about one girl's venture into becoming as self-sufficient as possible, including raising chickens, growing her own food, making her own clothes, etc.  It almost has me convinced that I can have egg-laying hens in my backyard someday...for real.  (And the City of Columbia just passed an ordinance making it legal to do so!)

I think that's it right now...

What are you reading currently, and what should I read next?  I would LOVE some suggestions!


  1. I haven't read it yet (crazy waiting list at the library) but I've heard awesome things about Still Alice, about a lady with early onset dementia.

    The Glass Castle is a good memoir.

    I feel like I should have a million other suggestions, but my mind is blank. Enjoy the beach!!!

  2. I'm still trying to get through John Irving's latest novel. My friend Laura just read a book called A Homemade Life (about cooking and life) and loved it; I'd also suggest any John Irving or maybe David Eggers if you haven't already read A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius. Or Zeitoun, or What is the What, both also be Eggers. I'm obsessed with him. Take a look when you come over for book club and you can borrow whatever you want!

  3. Stacy- I think I've heard of Still Alice--sounds good, let me know! And The Glass Castle was our Book Club book last month actually! It's good-I also had one of my SW classes read it a couple years ago.

    Lane- Thanks for the suggestions. Love A Heartbreaking Work, but haven't read any of his others...and A Homemade Life sounds right up my alley :) I'll check out some books from your library at Book Club, thanks!