Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A Word for Wednesday (makes a comeback!)

Just checked, and it's been over a year since I did one of these goes:


indie: indie music for kids

As in: Lunch Money is definitely my favorite kindie band.  It's kid-music for people who hate kid-music. 

my family's favorite Lunch Money album, Spicy Kid

By the way, Lunch Money is doing this really cool puppet-musical thing called Planet Hopping at the Harbison Theatre at Midlands Technical College in Columbia on November 15th and 16th.  Sounds pretty rad.

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.
Definition via Urban Dictionary.

Monday, October 28, 2013

On Creating Space and Enjoying the "In-Betweens"

I took my first yoga class in quite a while recently, and as I always do after practicing yoga, I feel inspired to practice even more.  Amsa Yoga is my favorite spot in Columbia to practice, and Anne Miller is my kind of yogi.  For me, her classes have just the right balance of meditative reflection and bodily challenge.  I inevitably do some deep-thinking and feel all-spiritual and stuff, but also totally let go of my thoughts and focus on my body and nothing else, seemingly all at the same time.  It's amazing.  And it feels indulgent--a whole hour and a half to myself, focusing on myself only.  It feels indulgent, but I kinda think maybe it shouldn't.  Maybe I should be carving out these spaces of time for myself more often, and then I wouldn't feel like taking care of me is secondary or tertiary to other things.  And maybe eventually I wouldn't have to "carve out" time to practice yoga; I'd have to carve out time for other stuff, and the yoga would be non-negotiable.  Maybe someday...

Amsa Yoga studio, photo courtesy of their website

Anyway, the focus for the yoga class was creating space--in our lives and brains and our bodies--to accept and feel the "in-betweens."  The time and space between the beginning of something and the end of it.  As humans we have schedules, and demands placed upon us, and deadlines, and essentially just lots and lots of beginnings and endings.  Our days begin at roughly the same time each day, we have kid drop-offs, and meetings with distinct start and end times, and mealtimes, and on and on.  But, do we stop enough to enjoy and be present in the "in-betweens?"  I mean, essentially, the "in-betweens" is the meat of what we do and how we define ourselves, and life, right?

That was my takeaway from my yoga practice today, thank you Anne; create the space in my head and heart and body to enjoy the "in-betweens" and be in the present.  Yoga is powerful stuff; (ha! transcendent proclamation, right? You can quote me on that).

And I love that you're supposed to call it "practicing yoga" as opposed to "doing yoga."  The term practicing invites you to make mistakes and be forgiving of yourself and keep learning and doing, all while knowing perfection is not the goal.  That is my kind of activity.

**Disclaimer- I am in NO WAY an authority on yoga; this is just what it means to me :)

Friday, October 18, 2013

Army Green for Fall

Searching for a more affordable version of this nail polish.  I want it on my fingers ASAP.

Nirvana polish via here
Seen any 'round these parts?