Sunday, September 26, 2010

My New Friend, Holga

My sweet husband bought me a "baby mama" gift when I found out I was pregnant back in May--a Holga camera.  I had been wanting a camera that would take old-looking photos, and I love a black and white photo, so this is right up my alley.

image via here

Now, I am no expert in photography to say the least--only 4 pictures from my first roll of film even turned out--(the others were taken inside with not enough light and no flash, so they were totally black).  Here are the ones that did turn out--I have some work for sure, but I really love the one of Peach lying in the grass... it looks old and Peach looks so peaceful.

The kind shopkeeper at our local camera shop, The F-Stop, (after seeing my issues with the first roll of film), lent James a flash to try with the Holga for our second go-round with pictures, so hopefully the next roll of film will turn out better. 

I'm hoping to get some good photos of the dogs to frame and put in the baby's room.  Aren't black and white/old photos the best?  They just have such an artistic feel.

Happy Monday!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

I'm With Brad

I'm With Brad is the clever name of my new favorite fall nail color from Sephora by OPI.  The official description of the color is "opaque metallic wine over dark coffee."

image via here
image via here
I snagged it for the bargain price of $5 a couple weeks ago when I visited SOAK for a pedicure.  (It was their color of the week).  You can get it here.

SOAK is still offering their September special--bring in non-perishable food items for Harvest Hope Food Bank and get 20% off of any service priced at $20 or more! 

I'm also loving this...Only Gold for Me topcoat...but where would I wear it?  
image via here
Also love this one--Kitty Loves Black Nail Colour:
 image via here

image via here
What is your favorite nail polish for fall?

A Word for Wednesday


utumnal: belonging to or suggestive of autumn

As in: I have always felt that I, myself, am autumnal in nature...I wasn't born in autumn, (I'm a Capricorn), but I am enamored of all things autumnal.  I adore a fire in the fireplace, wearing chunky scarves and hats, the amazing color-palette of the autumn leaves, and the impending holidays that autumn inevitably brings--Thanksgiving and later, Christmas. 

Oh please, Columbia weather, turn autumnal soon...I'm headed to NC (Boone and Banner Elk) this weekend in hopes of finding a bit of a chill in the air...

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.

Waiting for "Superman"

If you have not heard of this movie, you must watch the trailer...

Scary stuff.  I really hope this comes somewhere close to Columbia, SC--so far I haven't been able to find anything on-line about where it will be released.  It opens this Friday in select cities.

I truly believe that most of our social problems in this country stem from our failing public school system, and in SC's case, our very under-funded public school system. 

Take the pledge to view this film--click on the Pledge Now button in the sidebar.

Anyone have any thoughts on the movie trailer--any idea where it may be showing near here?  Will you go see it?

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

IKEA Finds and the Nursery

Being that I really hate the gender/sex stereotypes of "pink is for girls" and "blue is for boys," James and I decided to go ahead and decorate the baby's room before we find out what we are having. 

With some help from my IKEA purchases from 2 weekends ago, we spent this past Sunday painting, putting things together, hanging, decorating, and generally sweating-- all in the name of a cute, gender-neutral nursery.  Here are some pictures of the  (almost) finished product:

*The wall paint is a very pale blue--it matches the bedding that we got from Target on-line.
*The rocker is from IKEA.
*The green/white dresser is from Roundabouts Consignment store in Columbia, SC.  (Originally Pottery Barn).  All drawers were originally white and James spray-painted 3 of them green.
*Crib is from Babies R Us.
*Tree and birds wall decal from Target.  
*White bookshelf was ours already-originally blue, but sanded down and re-painted by my very handy husband.  
*Striped rug is from IKEA.
*Shelf on the wall is from IKEA.
*Beautiful and soft animal-print fleece blanket hanging on the end of the crib was made by my very talented mother.

*I used printed papers from a local Columbia stationery store, Jot, to paper the back of the bookshelf--hard to see from this shot, but really pretty--and so cheap to do!
*The alligator blocks and the 2 boxes with animals on them are also from IKEA.
*Vintage Fisher-Price airplane is from Etsy.  Love it--looking to purchase some vintage F-P little people to go in the plane now.

Sweet Abby and Fat Albert (cat) helping us paint the bedroom :)

There are some things left to hang on the walls and a couple more small purchases to be made--like a CD player for the nursery, so the baby can listen to the cool CD's I recently bought for him or her: Lullabye Renditions of Bob Marley, The Beatles, and The Rolling Stones:

image via here

We are so ready to find out the baby's sex--ultrasound in 2 weeks!

A Word for Wednesday

(after a long's back)


iscursive: rambling; lacking order

As in: I have been on the phone all day leaving discursive, disjointed messages for people on their voice mails...sorry if you were one of the recipients!

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Labor Day Weekend- Woo Hoo!

What are your plans for the long weekend?  I am thrilled to have Monday off of work and to actually feel like doing something productive too!

My sister and I are headed to IKEA in Charlotte tomorrow--I could spend days in IKEA.  She just moved into a new house, so she's looking for new light fixtures, drawer and cabinet pulls, etc...I'm looking for cool (and inexpensive) baby stuff.  Can't wait to see what I'll find--post next week for sure!

My Happy Place via here

Other than that, I'm probably gonna help my cousin move into his new apartment here in Columbia, and soak up some late-summer rays by my parents' pool. 

Would love to hear what everyoe else is doing!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Sorry for my absence...

It has been waaay too long since I last posted here, and for that my dear and loyal followers, (however few of you that is), I am sorry!

But, I do have exciting news: I'm pregnant! 

12 week ultrasound picture
I am 16 weeks along, and I have only just started feeling like a real human being again.  The first 15 weeks really rocked my world--I was nauseous/vomitous pretty much 24 hours a day.  I was also in shock for a few weeks after we found out, as James and I weren't really planning this--at least not this soon.  But, we are thrilled now that it has all sunk in, and I am really thrilled to be feeling better.

We will find out the sex of the baby on September 28th at our 20 week ultrasound, so I will be sure to do a big reveal on the blog!

Hope everyone's summer has been amazing--despite the nausea, I had quite the full summer with 3 trips to the beach (SC and FL), one trip to Colorado, and some weekend trips to Charleston, SC and Lake Wylie in between.  I'm ready to settle back into some semblance of normalcy--and Fall cannot come quickly enough!

At Annie & Chris' wedding in Frisco, Colorado

Baby bump pictures to come--it has really started to pop out this week!

XO, Becca