Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thursday's Thinking of Food

*You all know by now my affinity for the All Local Farmer's Market--I went last Saturday and it was hoppin', y'all!  It was the busiest I've seen it ever, maybe-and I didn't get there until almost 11.  There were lots more vendors than usual, including many with fresh produce like locally-grown tomatoes.  Here's what you can expect there this Saturday:
Any child with his/her Dad will receive a FREE doughnut in honor of Father's Day--and Dad will get one too!

And, City Roots will be there with so many wonderful herbs, lettuces, and veggies, including chanterelle mushrooms, foraged from the mountains of NC!  That's pretty cool.

*And speaking of farmers markets, the Seeds of Hope markets have opened back around town--you may have noticed signs at various locations for these small markets.  Seeds of Hope invites small, local farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers, ensuring that they can earn a decent living from their farming.  "My" Seeds of Hope market is located at a small church off of Rosewood Drive; the couple who sells their produce there is from Kingstree, SC and they are so sweet.  And they grow the best cantaloupes I've ever eaten!  Seriously, I am eating their cantaloupe as I type this, and I will be back this Saturday to get another.  "My" market is open 8-12 on Saturdays.  Others around town are open different hours--there is one at Shandon Methodist Church, one at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral, one at the Unitarian Universalist Church, and many more....check one out!  Click here for a list of all Columbia Seeds of Hope markets.

Angelo--he just exudes "chach," no?
image via here

*Did you watch Top Chef last night?  It was exciting, although I don't have a clear favorite yet.  Obviously, Angelo is really good, (he won both the Quick Fire and the Elimination Challenge last night), but he's a bit of a "chach."*  So far, I think I like Kenny, just because he agrees with me that Angelo is indeed a "chach," and because he was pretty bangin' at the mise en place challenge. No other stand-outs to me, so far.  What did you think?  Here's another review of the season premiere.

image via here
*On a sweeter note, I read about a fun new candy store, Sweeteeth, in Charleston, SC here.  Isn't the packaging cool?  And they specialize in artisan chocolates like peanut butter & chipotle dark chocolate or salted caramel with dark chocolate.  I really want to try some...and, lucky me, (and all the rest of you who don't live in Charleston), you can order the bars on-line here.  The bars are also sold at various local shops in and around Charleston, for list, click here.

Happy Thursday, folks!  I think I'm going to try the new Vista restaurant, Tako Sushi, Saturday night--I'll let you know my thoughts next week.

*"Chach" is a word that I learned from my sister and her husband...not sure of the origin, but I find it is the perfect word in many cases.  Basically, it means d*bag or know, a guy who is arrogant for no reason whatsoever.  I looked it up in Urban Dictionary, and it is defined there as "a person (usually male) who attempts to exhibit a cool and popular look but generally comes across as either an asshole and/or a total loser."  (We all just brought one to mind, right)?


  1. Becca,

    Sweeteeth is amazing! They carry it at my favorite restaurant in Charleston, EVO Pizza. You should definitely try both the next time you are down here! The salted caramel is my favorite! :)

    Love you, Caitlin

  2. The salted caramel is definitely the one I want to try! Hope Blissfully Baked is doing well, Caitlin! XO

  3. Had TakoSushi for lunch today. I enjoyed it and will go back.

  4. so glad that you like the card!