Friday, June 11, 2010

Weekend Round-Up

 image via here

Greenberg, the new Ben Stiller film about being a failure, opens at The Nickelodeon today and runs through June 17th.  Here's a trailer; I think it looks pretty funny:

Tomorrow at the All-Local Farmer's Market, there is seafood!  Sea Eagle Seafood will have jumbo shrimp, flounder, grouper and more.  Of course all the other staid favorites will also be there selling local produce, grains, flowers, dairy, get the idea.

And, there is a FREE wine tasting and sale at Cellar on Greene from 12-2 PM tomorrow afternoon!

That's about all I have on my plate for the weekend, what do you have in store?  
James' best friend, Jason, is coming in town and we'll be cooking out at the house at some point.  It's gonna to be disgustingly sticky in Columbia this weekend, brace yourselves.


  1. I love Ben Stiller - this looks good.

    And I wish we could get seafood at our farmer's market! Have fun.

  2. I love Ben Stiller too--I'll let you know! Have a great weekend, Alli.