Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Eating Our Way Through Charleston, SC, Part I

Do you see a recurring theme here? I like to eat, and I surround myself with others that like to eat too.  Thanks, Austin and Collin for an amazing 36 hours in Charleston, SC--we dined at 4 restaurants in that time and all were superb.  Here goes:

Lost Dog Cafe- we ate brunch here Sunday morning.  It's a quaint little spot on Folly Beach, where dogs are welcome, as you'll see from some pics below.

Pretty darn good bloody; served in a Mason Jar with an array of accoutrement.

Mimosa, also served in a Mason jar.

Some doggie diners.

My black bean breakfast burrito.

Austin's lox bagel sandwich.

Amazing homemade cinnamon roll.  It was the size of my head.

Another cute doggie diner.

After a day of sun and sand at Folly, we packed it up and headed to Taco Boy, which was the only request I had made for the weekend.  Austin and Collin took me to Taco Boy last time I was in town and I haven't stopped thinking about it since.

Nachos.  So yummy.


Cheese quesadilla, sidfe of black beans.  Some of the freshest, tastiest guacamole I've ever had.

Tempura fish tacos.

Saturday afternoon, after James and I arrived in Cuck-town, we headed downtown to this gem, Blossom.

Fish tacos with cheese sauce.  I particularly liked these fish tacos--most places do not serve cheese on fish tacos, much less amazing, warm cheese sauce, but since cheese sauce is one of my favorite foods, I loved this dish.

Amazing-looking bacon cheddar burger.

And when you eat these things with a side of fruit, it totally balances out, don't you think?!

Check back later for a post about Wild Olive--our Saturday night eating adventure.

What is your favorite dining spot in Charleston?


  1. YUM!!! Can't wait to read your take on Wild Olive. Have you been to 39 Rue de Jean? If not, go and try the Potato Soup with truffle oil, the Chocolate Pate', and the Vacherin. Here is the website:

  2. Boykin- haven't tried 39 Rue de Jean, but I have heard of it...sounds like I need to plan out my next Charleston trip's restaurants already!

    Thanks for reading and for commenting!