Thursday, June 3, 2010

Eating Our Way Through Charleston, SC, Part II

So, here's the second half of our Charleston culinary adventures over Memorial Day weekend.

On Saturday, we didn't partake of food, but drinks at the super-luxe Pavilion rooftop bar.

 Grill 225 is also in this hotel, but that wasn't in our price-range for the weekend.  My Dad swears it's the best steak he's ever eaten though, and that's saying a lot coming from him.

 The view from our table.
The Carnival Cruise Ship that now docks in the Charleston harbor weekly.

Collin's amazing-looking mojito.  (If only I liked mint and lime in drinks...)
After a leisurely afternoon filled with good food at Blossom and drinks at Pavilion Bar, we headed home to rest up a bit for the main event--Wild Olive for dinner.
Our friend from high school, Caroline, and her boyfriend, Matt, joined us for dinner at this John's Island "Cucina Italiana."  The 6 of us arrived a little late for our 8 o'clock reservation, but no worries, the staff was prepared and sat us immediately.  The restaurant was pretty hoppin', and actually was still busy when we left almost 2 hours later, but service suffered none.  
We got a few appetizers for the table- calamari, beef carpaccio, and 2 orders of the fried risotto fritters.  The fritters took the cake for me--they were stuffed with house made sausage, (yes, I ate some meat), spinach and Parmesan, served with a vodka-tomato aioli.  I would go back just to eat these.
For the main course, I enjoyed a Ricotta Gnocchi alla Marinara, which was tasty, but it was not the best entree at the table in my opinion--that title is reserved for Austin's Goat Cheese Ravioli.  I had debated between the ravioli and the gnocchi, and after tasting Austin's (a few times), was disappointed in my decision.  The ravioli is not only stuffed with goat cheese, but also dried orange, thyme and hazelnuts.  The flavor combination was unbelievable.  Seriously, I want some right now.
 Goat Cheese Ravioli

Caroline's Shrimp "Picatta" served over Fried Green Tomatoes
I don't really remember what everyone else at the table had to eat, (sorry y'all, I was really excited about mine and Austin's food), and it also may have had something to do with the  wine and extra-dirty martinis that were flowing...
 I definitely remember the desserts though.  We debated getting dessert at all, as we were all very satiated at this point, but we ordered anyway, and I'm glad we did.
 Chocolate Pistachio Custard--amazing presentation, don't you think?  And equally tasty.
 Black and White Semifreddo- dark chocolate, white chocolate, pistachios, and strawberries.  The best of the 2, I thought.
And so ended a perfect meal with super-fun dining companionsHighly recommend Wild Olive.
 A very dark picture of the amazing chandelier hanging from a tree outside Wild Olive's door.
 And the very cool shadow cast on the ground underneath the chandelier.
Charleston, and Wild Olive, we will return.  Soon, I hope.

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