Monday, June 7, 2010

Peaceful Villa Farm & Mediterranean Market

Just the name of this place sounds pastoral.  Has anything ever sounded so demure and easy-like-Sunday-morning?  I was not disappointed this past easy-like-Saturday-morning when I walked inside and met the owners, a couple named Ed and Kathleen.  They were both as cordial as could be, and genuinely in love with what they do and interested in knowing who their customers are.

As I got out of the car, I was greeted by red and white-checkered-tablecloth-covered tables teeming with fresh produce:

As I ventured into the small shop, I met Ed, the owner, and we began to talk about how I had found them.  I told him that I had read the recent Free Times review of their quaint store and had to check it out for myself.

Ed is native to Egypt, and he and I had a brief discussion of my Mediterranean cruise last summer, and our love of the small farm we visited in Sorrento, Italy where they grew their own olives and lemons, from which they made olive oil and limoncello.  As Ed and I were talking, his wife, Kathleen walked in carrying jars of freshly-picked olives to put out for sale in the store.  (Talk about fresh!)

Ed on the farm (picture borrowed from their Facebook page)

Kathleen in the shop, receiving a Golden Spatula Award from WLTX (picture borrowed from their Facebook page)

Don't they just look like nice people?
The "market" has plenty of hard-to-find Mediterranean dry goods, but also homemade items like lemon-basil pesto, pasta sauce, and breads.  I purchased one each of the fresh pesto, pizza/pasta sauce, and a whole-wheat baguette, and tried the pesto last night over whole wheat pasta.  It was delicious.

Some amazing gold-detail glasses that I will return to purchase...

The Peaceful Villa's Facebook page is filled with pictures and information about their store and updates on what is fresh in the market that day.  Kathleen makes plenty of amazing sauces, breads, baklava, and even convenience foods--she told me that she has bags of already-chopped veggies for sale to use in a stir-fry.

Check out this West Columbia gem Wednesday- Saturday at 1532 Sunset Blvd. and definitely get some pesto!  Tell Ed and Kathleen that Becca sent you!


  1. I love Kathleen's french loafs, started buying them last year from the market at the zoo! We seem to be on the same page with our food tastes! You should also try the beef from Legacy family Farms. They are at the Lexington Farmers market on the first and third Wed each month, Peaceful Villa actually heads up that market. It's the best tasting grass fed beef I have had, the steaks are devine. Cheers!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Kimberly! I am enjoying reading your blog as well--haven't tried the Lexington Farmer's Market, but I'll have to make the trek soon!