Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Top Chef Season 7 Tomorrow Night

image via here

Besides Glee, (whose season ended last week), Top Chef is the only show I feel compelled to watch every episode.  This season is in Washington, DC, and Padma's back with Tom Colicchio.  I can't wait.

As the blog Obama Foodorama details here, next week's Back to School episode will challenge the "cheftestants" (yes, that's really what they call them), to create a healthy, kid-friendly meal for only $2.68 per child, the reimbursement rate schools receive for each child who is eligible for free lunch under the federal program.  Should be interesting--and bring awareness to our need for school lunch reform in America.

Who else loves Top Chef?


  1. I absolutely love Top Chef! We will be tuned in!

  2. Thanks for commenting, Lauren! Can't wait to see who the "cheftestants" are this season!