Sunday, November 1, 2009

Weekend Wrap-Up

My weekly Nickelodeon trip was not as exciting as the past few movies have been. Beeswax was great in terms of character development, but plot development, not so much... I was also starving throughout the entire movie which may have played into my praying that it would be over soon; I was fantasizing about the food and drinks at the Hunter-Gatherer.

And it did not disappoint. It has been almost a year, I think, since I have been to the H-G, and they have added some new items to their menu. Our table ordered prosciutto-wrapped manchengo cheese which was ah-mazing and an order of the ESB cheese spread. (I have no pictures of the appetizers- sorry, I was too hungry to snap pics at this point in the meal).
The rest of the H-G menu was largely unchanged, which in my opinion is a good thing. I always get a Ginny's Blue Cheese Salad and it never disappoints.

For my entree I ordered another old standby--a pizza with feta cheese and red onions.

James got one of the new additions to the menu-smoked chicken ravioli with a gouda cream sauce. It came with a small side salad and it was great. I could bathe in the gouda cream sauce.

Thursday at the H-G has long been a live jazz music night, which I had forgotten. Skipp Pearson and his band, including a keyboardist, stand-up bassist, and drummer, are great. Mr. Pearson is nationally known for his jazz sax skills.

On Friday I received an e-mail from The Columbia Cool, a new social networking website that lists events, hosts group pages for local businesses, and recently had a Melting Pot gift certificate giveaway! I entered the giveaway, and imagine my surprise and excitement when I checked the website to watch this video announcing the winner of the giveaway:

Yay! I won, I won!! I love the Melting Pot! You should join The Columbia Cool website to be eligible to win future giveaways.

Saturday was Halloween and James and I did pull off our Rachel Zoe/Brad Goreski get-up:

Unfortunately, my blonde wig was very cheap and very itchy and not I wore it for about 5 minutes...I realize that was a key part of the costume, but I tried to compensate for it's loss with a steady plethora of RZ phrases and drama-inducing scenes. I think I called the name "Brad!" 1,000 times, with each name-call followed by a "Oh my God, this is OOC...we have 48 hours to style this shoot for V. Bananas." or "Brad, I need more coffee. I am flipping out right now." The Starbucks cup was a nice touch I thought, but champagne refills in the cup finally soaked it through. I am also sad I have no pictures of my shoes...they were 5 inch wedges, which incidentally are shoes I actually own, but don't often wear because of the difficulty I have in walking in them. They were classic RZ shoes. (Also, I know James would want me to disclose that his shirt is wet in the above pictures because he had just carried the keg--he was not that sweaty. At least not that early in the night--it was pretty humid though).

The party at Kim and Drew's house was totally OOC and ended in keg stands. Then we finished off the night at NiteCaps, which was also totally OOC--so many people!

Awesome weekend; looking forward to next weekend's events, the Harmony School Benefit on Saturday and the Camp Burnt Gin Benefit at Rosso on Sunday. Saw Kristian Niemi and Blythe Fisher, of Rosso Trattoria, at NiteCaps Saturday; they are thrilled and the event is sold out! So amazing for Camp Burnt Gin!

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  1. Becca - I die! Melting Pot gift certificate! No way! Keep in the loop about other giveaways! Haha! Had a blast with you guys last night. Love you!