Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Granville's and Jack-o-lanterns and a good cause, oh my!

My Saturday night was an out-of-Columbia experience, except I was in Columbia. I went to my friend, Frenchie's new loft apartment at GranDevine, on the corner of Maple and Devine Streets, for Prosecco and catch-up-convo first. We nibbled on homemade pimento cheese from Simply Savory and I oohed and aahhed over her amazing new digs. The apartment is so chic and big-city; I love it! Exposed brick in every room, loft-high ceilings, large open-concept kitchen/den/dining room...super-big windows. I'm jealous.

We walked down the street to Granville's for dinner; (one of the main things I miss about living in a big city is being able to walk to so many cool places; just another reason the GranDevine feels so big-city!). The ambience of Granville's is simple and the lighting was just right for a Fall Saturday night dinner. We had a nice table in the corner and could hear each other talk without over-hearing the conversations of those aorund us.

The menu had a lot of things that looked good to me--a lot of appetizers that included cheese in some form, which is my biggest vice. The menu was nicely rounded, but didn't have so many things so as to make the patron overwhelmed with choices. I ordered a salad made up of romaine, butter beans, avocado, cheese, and a yummy vinagerette as well as Trout Provencal, which was a perfect, light entree for Fall. Frenchie had the soup du jour-French Onion- and the special Brasied Spare Ribs; I think she enjoyed hers as much as I did mine. We split a bottle of Prosecco and a dessert-a chocolate souffle, which was divine.

Loved Granville's and will go back soon; and everything is very reasonably priced, which is always nice! After dinner we walked back down the street to Nightcaps, one of my favorites spot for a drink in Columbia--not an overly-young crowd, and no fighting for parking, not to mention Matt and Shannon, the newlywed bartenders are pretty amazing!

On Sunday afternoon James and I went to help my sister carve pumpkins. Cat carved an Elmo pumpkin for Ben, since that is what he is going to be for Halloween this year. I think it turned out great!

And James carved us a scary pumpkin that will eventually have one of those mini-pumpkins halfway in its mouth, to make it look as if the larger one is eating the smaller. Quaint, honey.

To put on your calendar:

Just bought my tickets for this sure-to-be-amazing event at Rosso, that will benefit an even more amazing cause, Camp Burnt Gin:

Click here to order tickets for this event on Sunday, November 8th at 6:30 pm. BTW--I adore Rosso...their pizzas are amazing, and I am a pizza-whore, I should know. They have $7 pizzas and a $5 wine tasting from 5-6 pm on Wednesdays...you should check it out.

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