Friday, November 13, 2009

Fat Albert on a Sofa

Please check out my cat, Fat Albert, featured in Desire to Inspire's weekly blog post: "Monday's Pets on Furniture."

Fat Albert is a rescue kitty from the Animal Mission here in Columbia. His back-story is that he was owned by an older woman, and when she passed away her family gave him up to the pound. He was approximately 10 years old when we got him, so he is about 16 now.

He has used up numerous lives, besides being on "death row" before we plucked him from the pound, he also had a limp from his former life--a broken back leg that had never been set and healed wrong. It causes him no pain now, I am assured, but he still has a pretty mean limp that my husband and I affectionately call his "pimp walk." Three years ago he was diagnosed with cancer; ;luckily the tumor was all encapsulated in one kidney, so they simply removed the kidney and he's been fine ever since. He also escaped from our house a year or so ago; (Fatty is a strictly inside kitty, as his lack of front claws, the aforementioned limp, and his sizable girth would make it hard for him to escape predators of any kind). He was gone for over a month and I was heartbroken. He finally showed back up in our next door neighbor's back yard...he had evidently been living under their shed for most of that time. He was skinny and scared, but really no worse for the wear. And don't worry he has ballooned back to his "Fat Albert" weight, and then some.

Thanks to the Desire to Inspire folks for including Fat Albert's picture in their weekly post, and if you're thinking of adopting an animal, please consider getting one from your local pound or rescue organization.
Happy Friday everyone!

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