Wednesday, November 11, 2009

A Word for Wednesday


ndomitable: unconquerable; unyielding; that cannot be overcome, such as persons, will, or courage

I heard this word, or a form of it, used to describe Herb and Dorothy Vogel's quest and appetite for collecting minimalist and conceptual art in the movie Herb & Dorothy. The movie was quite entertaining, and although it is no longer playing at The Nickelodeon, part of their art collection is being shown at the Columbia Museum of Art through January 17, 2010. (And I'm sure you can Netflix the movie--it's worth watching if you are at all interested in art, or if you would simply like to see the dynamics of a cute old couple who've been married 45 years).

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Image of the "I" via Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hirsche.

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  1. In another 44 years, we're all going to be going to see 'Becca n James' at the Nickelodeon... lol..