Wednesday, November 18, 2009

A Word for Wednesday


astion: anything seen as preserving or protecting some quality, condition: a bastion of strength. also indicates that this can be defined as fortification or a fortified place.

I am most interested in the first definition. To me, there is a certain regency associated with the use of this word; for some reason I think anyone who uses it is insanely smart and cool. Don't ask me why.

I decided upon this word for today because I was watching some "rockumentary" about heavy metal bands with the hubs last night--I can't stand heavy metal, but marriage is all about compromise, you know--and one of the big-haired, washed-up, heavy metal musicians used the word bastion. I commented out loud "good word!"

I also remember a song that I like by a pop-punk band out of Austin, TX called Cruiserweight; the song is called Goodbye Daily Sadness, and in it the lead singer sings "I'm a bastion of strength." I think it was the first real-world use of the word that I had heard at the time, and I really liked it. The song is off their album Sweet Weaponry; it's worth checking out. Click here to listen to Goodbye Daily Sadness.

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.


  1. ...also the name of the little kid from Neverending Story...

  2. I like the word, too!

    As for the collage, I upload my pics through Picasa (free from Google) and there is a "Blog this" tab at the bottom. You can do lots of cool things with Picasa, including making a collage. So easy, I did it!