Monday, October 26, 2009

Musings for a Monday

Things I'm looking forward to in Columbia in the coming weeks:
1. Beeswax at The Nickelodeon
Show opens Wednesday, October 28th and runs through November 3rd.

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2. The Governor's Cup 8K Race on Saturday, November 7th...well, let's just say I'm not really looking forward to the run so much as seeing my sweet cousin who's coming up from Beaufort to run it with me. I am so out of shape right now, and have not been training as I should be; I will probably only be able to run 1/2 of the 5-mile race, but I do vow to finish!

Me, (#325), running the Heart & Sole 5-miler in May 2009...I actually trained for that one.

3. Harmony School's 4th Annual Oyster Roast and Silent Auction Fundraiser on November 7th.
My sister and I plan to go to this event to learn a bit more about Harmony, as well as for the food, beer, and entertainment--which includes:
Danielle Howle, Reggae Infinity, David & Ryan’s Steel Drum Band and John & Chuck (from The Project) along with hot steamed oysters, chilled beer and wine and warm, homemade chili.
Tickets are $30/person. Click here for more details.

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4. Ansel Adams and Cleve Gray exhibits at Columbia Museum of Art...I didn't make it last weekend, but I will get there...

Things I am loving right now:

This amazing scarf
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Glee, the new show that comes on Fox on Wednesdays at 9 PM. I am obsessed with the "mash-ups" and have downloaded them to my Ipod. If you don't know what a "mash-up" is, you need to start watching. You can watch full episodes on-line really should.

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  1. I wouldn't even be able to do half of a half of an 8k race... you'll do great! Thanks for your feed back on the new look of Voila, it is so appreciated.

  2. Hey Becca,
    I love your blog :) I was reading about Harmony School and I would love to get more info as well. Would you and Catherine mind a tag-a-long for the Fundraiser? I'm not sure if I can come yet, but I'd like to try. Thanks!