Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A Word for Wednesday


rudite: learned or scholarly; characterized by great knowledge.

Today is the first installment of my soon to be weekly "A Word for Wednesday" blog post. I love words. Vocabulary has always been a strong suit of mine and I am passionate about certain words-the way they sound when verbalized as well as the meanings. In my opinion words fall into 4 basic categories.

1) Words you know and use all the time, in everyday language.
2) Words you know the meaning of, and may use on a very rare occasion, but have yet to insert them into your repertoire of usage. (For me, erudite is in this category).
3) Words you have heard before, but don't know the meaning of and may or may not try to use with limited success since you don't really know what it means.
4) Words you have never even heard before and therefore don't know the meaning of and never use.

In this weekly post I hope to expand my own vocabulary and share my love of words with you my fine and erudite readers!

The beautiful "E" is provided by fellow blogger, Jessica Hische, who posts her illustrated letters on Daily Drop Cap, and so graciously allows others to use the artwork in their own blogs. Thanks!

What are your favorite vocabulary words?

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  1. Oh, I love this! Through blogging, I've realized I need to expand my vocabulary-- I tend to rely on a few certain words and phrases {for example: awesome} rather than using other words to better express what I'm trying to say. I'm looking forward to your future installments!