Sunday, February 28, 2010

West Vista Adventures- Part 2

After an amazing and really fun meal at @116 Espresso and Wine Bar, we decided to find a bar nearby to try out--we were feeling really excited about the West Vista, so we stuck around.

We thought about going to State Street Pub, but when we walked by all we heard were some men yelling inside, so we walked back down the street to Good Times instead. If you're thinking, "I've heard of a Good Times bar in Columbia before," you're used to be on the corner of Harden and Green in 5 Pts. They have since moved to State Street. I never visited Good Times when it was in 5 Pts, but apparently many of the staff is the same, including cute and attentive bartender Ryol, (love his name, don't you?).


The place is pretty small, but cozy, and they had a pool table, which was just what I wanted to see as I needed to move around a bit after so much food! I told James, if we ever have a pool table in our house we have to have this awesome vintage light over top of it:

This started a conversation that I wasn't ready for--"which room will we put our new pool table in?" We played quite a few games of pool, and had a great time. When we entered the bar about 10:00 pm, we were the only patrons. By the time we left, (not sure what time, but probably after 1 am), the place was packed.

The 4 of us had not been out together in quite a while, especially not in a new spot, so we took some fun pictures--(freshman-girl-style). Below are a few pictures of the night--each of us doing the same dance:

Matt doing the snake

Me doing the snake

Rebecca doing...the snake?

And favorite snake of the night

Matt and I arguing the true rules of pool vs. the bar-pool rules.

I'm pretty sure I won this argument.

And I played this song at least 3 times on the electronic juke box:

Love it. Good Times, for real.

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