Saturday, February 20, 2010

A Pretty Sweet Little Saturday

James and I slept in this morning and then awoke to venture to the All Local Farmer's Market--one of my favorite Saturday activities. The market was especially busy this morning, which is a good thing!

We headed straight for the Wil-Moore Farms table to snag a dozen eggs before they ran out, and we also got a 7-year aged white cheddar there, from Happy Cow Creamery, (a part of the Wil-Moore Farms network of farms). Right next door, James bought a container of Bacon and Cheese Soup from Spotted Salamander Catering. The only other items they had left at that point were Beef Lasagna and Cheese and Corn Chowder, both of which also sounded awesome.

We moved on to purchase some herbed soft cheese, (an ancient Roman recipe), from a vendor that I cannot remember the name of, nor find it anywhere...(if you know, please let me know)! And then I picked out some beautiful flowers from Floral & Hardy. The Mills, the husband and wife couple who run the Floral & Hardy farm, are so nice--Donna even threw in some extra Anemones in my bunch when she heard I was taking pictures to post on my blog. As I mentioned before, they have amazing blooms that last forever! Last time I bought cut flowers from them, they lasted almost 2 weeks. Also, if you frequent Earthfare, help out the Mills and mention to them that you'd like them to carry Floral & Hardy flowers.

Floral & Hardy Anemones

Tulips- (bulb still attached!)

My beautiful Anemones back at home

As we left the market, I caught sight of one of the best signs I could ever see on a Saturday morning:
I am a sucker for a good garage sale--always have been--so we walked across the street to see what treasures we could pick.

I got a few awesome vintage serving pieces and James found a really cool old 1963 dictionary. The woman who sold us the dictionary said it was one that you bought in sections at the grocery store and assembled over time. Cool.
Amazing green glass chip and dip server- my favorite find!

Adorable vintage child's plate (for my nephew to use when he's at my house)

Small glass bowl with gold details, pear-shaped wooden plate, and salt and pepper grinder

Better shot of the pear plate- so cute!

Horrible picture, (sorry!), of a metal serving tray with wooden handles and a stand

And finally, our 1963 add-as-you-go Webster's Dictionary in it's new home, on our blue bookshelf.

I can't wait to use the serving pieces at my next gathering. And we spent a whopping $15 on all of these items!

Also, for those of you who have told me recently that you're reading and enjoying this blog, thank you very much. You have no idea what it means to know that others are benefiting from this endeavor--very flattering.

Coming soon: my foray into making French onion soup from scratch, (my plan for Saturday evening).

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  1. LOVE the yard sale finds!!! That makes me want to quit being lazy on Saturday mornings (I don't even sleep in, but the thought of being out and about is painful!) and go garage sale hunting!