Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Feature: Thursday's Thinking of Food

This blog was always meant to include reviews of restaurants and local eateries, and since my newly-nourished, (no pun intended), interest in eating healthier, more humanely, locally, and organic, I have been posting a lot about food-related issues and topics. So, as I was planning my post for today, realizing it again discusses local farms, it came to me to establish Thursday blog posts as "Thursday's Thinking of Food" posts.
{Full disclosure...the name for this new feature came to me as I was listening to my local NPR station's "Speaking of Schools," hosted by Doug Keel. The titles have the same rhythm and structure...Speaking of Schools...Thinking of Food...yeah? Anyway.}

Here's the first Thursday's Thinking of Food post:
I am officially a member (half-share) of a local CSA!! For those of you wondering what a CSA is, (as my husband was when I broke the news to him last night), CSA stands for Community Supported Agriculture. The CSA I have joined is in Leesville, SC and is called Round River Farms. It's website says: "CSA's are healthy relationships between a community of people and a local farm and farmer. Realizing that in these times not everyone can be on the land growing their own food, a CSA farm entrusts the care and nurture of the land and crops to one skilled in organic farming."

image via here

Staff of Round River Farms will bring shares of the harvest weekly to a designated spot in Columbia for shareholders to pick up. Deliveries will begin in early May and go through October, and the variety of produce and herbs that they grow is amazing! Click here to see a list of the Spring, Summer and Fall crops. I am so excited to have fresh, locally and organically grown vegetables all Spring, Summer and Fall! The CSA accepts full or half shares, full shares providing enough veggies weekly for a family of 4 or more, and a half share providing enough for 2-3 people. You can bet that once I start getting my weekly haul I will be posting about it here!

And in other organic food news, as I was perusing Earth Fare's website yesterday to find the coupon for the FREE pizza dough and mozzarella cheese with purchase of sauce coupon, I came across the video tour of Hickory Nut Gap Farm, below:

Hickory Nut Gap Farm - Local Farm for Earth Fare from Earth Fare on Vimeo.

If you're interested in why grass-fed beef is actually better for humans, cows, and the earth than corn-fed beef, click here for an interesting article on the subject.

And finally, here is a list of vendors that will be at the All-Local Farmer's Market this Saturday morning.

Go forth and make wise, healthy, and humane decisions about your food!


  1. How much does a half share to the CSA cost? I might have to look into something like that here, because it sounds awesome!

  2. Stacy- A half share was $400. And they let me do a payment plan, so I put a $100 deposit down and then will pay as I go...

  3. We've wanted to join a CSA for awhile, but this year my husband's family is doing a "family csa" where we all help out with his parents huge garden. Can't wait!

  4. Alli- how cool is that!? Hope to see some pics/posts about the "family CSA" on your blog!