Wednesday, February 3, 2010

J. Mayer in the House

And by the way...

Did anyone hear about the surprise, FREE show that John Mayer put on at the Carolina Coliseum last night?! Apparently, he twittered that any USC student could come--tickets were at the Russell House, first come, first served. Man, I wish I got Twitter updates on my phone...
I'm not a USC student, but still have an ID from a few years ago, think they would have bought it?

Anyway--did anyone get to go to the show? I heard it was really intimate, maybe only 200 people or so, and that he was really hot...

And, just so you know, he's staying at The Hilton Columbia Center hotel in the husband works at the Ruth's Chris there and knew he would be in town over a week ago. I have threatened to stalk him by hanging out at the hotel bar this week, but haven't done it yet.

image via here

I know I'm flying my freak flag a little, and my father is probably cringing as I type this, but I love J. Mayer's full-sleeve tattoo.

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