Friday, February 12, 2010

Local Etsyians V-Day Wish List

Valentine's Day is never a huge production in our house. My husband currently works in the service industry, (and has since we met), so he never has the day off, and besides, I'm just not an overly sentimental person. V-Day is generally a bit cheesy for my taste. (If you've ever heard the story of how James asked me to marry him, and the reason behind it, then you know exactly what I mean--if you haven't heard it, I'll post about it soon).

But, who doesn't enjoy getting a gift every now and then?! So, I reminded my hubs last night that I had indeed bought him a gift for V-Day...(not-so-subtly telling him that he better get me something too...).

Hence, the text that I got while at work today: "Babe, I looked on your blog to see what you wanted for Valentine's Day, but couldn't find anything." I hadn't even thought to post a Valentine's Wish List, but since he asked...

This is a list of items listed on Etsy, but from local sellers only:

From Nella Designs Fine Paper Studio, located in Columbia, SC:
Custom Couple Silhouette Print with Date This listing is for an 8x10 and is only $20.
image via here

From Flash Forward Photography, located in Lexington, SC:
this Ole Oak Tree 8x10 print-- gorgeous, and only $10.

image via here

From softspoken, located in West Columbia:
this Chain Drop Circle Scarf- you choose the color, $35. Tres chic, don't you think?

image via here
{I also follow softspoken's blog here}
{softspoken's scarves are carried locally at The Bohemian, which just moved to 707 Saluda Ave in 5 Pts}

And finally, for the men, from Garnet & Moss of Columbia, SC:
this Travel Gift Set for Men
, only $12.50! Isn't the packaging so fresh and clean!?

image via here

I love finding locally-made gift items--such talent in Columbia, SC! What are you giving or receiving for V-Day?


  1. Lovely finds! That tree photo + the scarf are my favorites! So cool that they are all local to you! xo

  2. Thanks for including me in your list! :)

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  5. Great picks from etsy! I especially love the scarf.


  6. I want to hear this proposal story you speak of! And I LOVE that oak tree print and that you've included local sellers---too cool. Hope you had a nice, low key Valentine's. We got burgers and saw a movie---simple and sweet. XO

  7. Thanks for the kind words everyone! Neo-Trad, the hubs and I will be venturing out to Pawley's Front Porch burger joint for our V-day celebration tonight...they're hosting a party for the debut viewing of the episode of Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives where they are the feature dive! Proposal story to come, for sure--it is appropriately un-romantic, (as I requested), but still so sweet! Have a great week everyone!