Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Solstice for Restaurant Week

This post will be picture heavy and short on words because honestly everything we ate and drank last night was amazing. If you go to Solstice to take advantage of their $25, 3-course or $30, 4-course Restaurant Week special, you will not regret it.

We started with a 1/2 price bottle of Red Door pinot noir. Solstice has a whole page of wines that they offer for 1/2 price every Monday and Tuesday night. It was yummy; I described it to the waiter thusly: "It's like candy!"

The picture doesn't do it justice--this was the amuse-bouche that the kitchen graced us with; a triangle of phyllo stuffed with marscapone and bleu cheeses, drizzled with a balsamic reduction. Heaven.

Cheese plate; 4 different cheeses, including manchego, port salut, great hill bleu, and bellavitano. Always a winner.

Fried calamari with roasted red pepper-artichoke "salad" and pesto coulis. Nice.

A really good soup--crab and artichoke something with a small crab cake on top. Warm and rich.
The next bottle of wine was also from the 1/2 price list, and on recommendation form our server, Carey--who was awesome and very knowledgeable, by the way--it was called Penny Farthing. We liked it even more than the first bottle.

My favorite dish of the evening, (and it was hard to pick just one)...a Solstice Caesar salad with artichokes, Parmesan shavings, shaved red onion, an anchovy-lemon dressing and a balsamic reduction. You had me at Parmesan and balsamic reduction...

A bottle of Sugar Hill Ale rounded out the meal.

Although I have no actual pictures of our entrees, they were tasty. I had the American Snob Burger with gorgonzola cheese, garlic-leek confit and horseradish-black pepper ailoi. Most of it came home with me and I ate it for dinner again tonight.

Has anyone taken advantage of any other Columbia Restaurant Week special menus this week?

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