Thursday, January 28, 2010

New Fare in Columbia

(Or at least new to me...)

So, I am reading the latest Free Times, which includes an extensive Menu Guide. There are a number of restaurants with their menus printed that I have never even heard of...and I am excited and hungry!

Here's a few restaurants that I definitely want to try:
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@116 Espresso & Wine Bar: Yes, they serve coffee and wine, but in the evening they do a full dinner service including local produce, seafood and meats, prepared with a Spanish twist. Located at 116 State St, West Columbia.
What I want to eat: Cheese Plate- goat cheese truffles, marinated manchego, spiced almonds, roasted red onion cup stuffed with bleu cheese, and a toasted baguette. Yes, please.

Thirsty Fellow Pizzeria and Pub: Recently opened by the former owner of Durkin's along with the current owner of Publick House, this place is sure to have experience on it's side. I haven't seen a menu yet, but the Free Times ad boasts Live Trivia, Pint Night, and a Sunday Brunch. I love pizza, so I will definitely be trying this place out. Located at 621 Gadsden St. Click here to read an article The State did on Thirsty Fellow. MadPlatter has recently Twittered that One Eared Cow Glass is on display at the Thirsty Fellow--very cool.

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Garden Bistro: (This one's been around a while, but I've never tried it...) Located at 923 Gervais St in Columbia, this restaurant is located next to/behind one my favorite late night spots, Art Bar. The menu is as the restaurant title alludes, pretty healthy and fresh-sounding; salads and a good many vegetarian options. They also have Daily Specials listed on their website--nice.
What I want to eat: Garden Bounty Wrap- shredded zucchini, squash and carrots with pecans and strawberry vinaigrette wrapped in a spinach tortilla OR Smashed Three Cheese- combo of cheddar, Swiss and provolone on Texas toast. Or both.

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And, some more restaurant-related news: This coming Monday, February 1st, Village Idiot in 5 Points will donate 100% of its profits beginning at 4 pm to the American Red Cross' Haiti Relief Fund. A local band, Shallow Palace will play and there will be a raffle with prizes, (and VI pizza is some of my favorite in Columbia--try the Hurricane). Way to give back, Idiot!

Have you tried any of these restaurants?

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