Wednesday, December 2, 2009

A Word (and a Phrase) for Wednesday


ndulation: an act of moving in a wave-like fashion; one of a series of wavelike bends, curves, or elevations.

As in "wow, the undulations by those loose girls on stage would certainly not make their fathers proud." While at Wild Wings in the Vista last Friday evening my husband's Aunt Jenny and I found ourselves using this word in just such a way. I felt very old, yet very classy while watching the goat show [see below] that ensued that night...[Aunt Jenny this one's for you :)]


oat show: a crazy, unorganized, or really f***ed up situation.

[See above for usage]
Not exactly like this, but similar in certain ways, for sure. I believe this phrase originated with my friend from college, Casey, but I have kept it alive and my husband now loves it. It is quite descriptive and the exact right phrase to use in so many situations.

Have fun finding uses for the word and phrase of the week!

Daily Drop Caps by Jessica Hische

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  1. Becca, just found this! Hilarious! goat show: syn. Sh$t show--what I normally use, but love a good substitute!