Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My Foray into Holiday Baking

I am happy to report that the holiday baking did occur; late night on December 23rd, and the afternoon of the 24th, before I hosted my family for Christmas Eve dinner. I ended up baking gingerbread cookies, pistachio shortbread, and chocolate covered peanut butter balls. All were successful, thanks to the help of my hubs and my friend Amy.

Didn't get pictures of the pistachio cookies or balls, but here are some pics of the gingerbread.

(A few were armless or legless, but diversity is important).

I packed the gingerbread, pistachio cookies, and balls into holiday Ziploc containers for the neighbors and friends and family.

Did you bake this year?


  1. A few were armless or legless but diversity is important... God, try not to make me pee my pants next time I read your blog, OK???

  2. God, please let me make Jason pee his pants next time he reads this blog. Flattered I can make you laugh--we miss you!