Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Picks for Local Shopping

Something to know about me: I am not a girly-girl.
I typically don't enjoy shopping unless I am by myself and I am looking for something specific. I have never spent more than $60 on a pair of shoes, and most days I wear flip flops or clogs. I was raised by a father who taught me to play softball, basketball, and to love watching baseball and football. I dressed as a Redskins football player for Halloween on numerous occasions as a child, wearing the jersey that I inevitably got for Christmas the year before. And Dad burned the end of a cork to make the black under my eyes; (apparently that's how they did it 'in the old days.')

Anyway, that being said, a girl's still gotta look cute every now and then. I do love the right piece of jewelry or a great pair of high heels that I can usually only muster the strength to wear for an hour or two before switching out for flip flops. I also love shopping for vintage home items as well as gifts and clothing...and so, without further ado, here is my list of great places to shop for such items in Columbia, SC; (in no particular order...)

1. Bohemian: a very boho-chic boutique, (but without the pretense that usually goes along with the word boutique). Some of their items are a little out of my price-range, but they have good sales, and often. Their jewelry is unique and the clothes are stylish while still boho enough for my liking. Their sister store just down the street, Bohemian Home looks dangerous...I have never had enough expendable cash to even venture in, but the window-shopping has been entertaining. Bohemian is located at 2736 Devine Street.

2. Revente: if I need a dress for an event, some new jeans, or killer heels, without having to pay full-price for name brands, this is where I go. I LOOOVE Revente's clothes, shoes, and prices. They are the best women's consignment store in Columbia, in my opinion. I just recently bought 2-inch tan suede peep-toes by BCBGirls from there for $15. No lie. Revente is located at 737 Saluda Avenue.

3. Frenchie Skirts: If you want a one-of-a-kind skirt or dress, made by an amazingly stylish and fun local designer, made from the latest season's fabrics--straight from New York or Italy or somewhere equally as amazing, then you must stop by Frenchie's quaint workshop on 2321 Devine Street, (by appointment). Frenchie is not only a friend, but she also made my wedding dress, [see below--not a great picture, but it was exactly what I wanted for my beach wedding]. She is forever making a wedding or debutante dress, or filling some Columbia socialite's "fall order" of skirts, but is about as unassuming as well, someone with no fashion-sense at all...like me. She has never made me feel silly for asking questions such as: "can the hubs wear a cream/khaki suit in October?" or "opaque tights with peep toe shoes; a do or a don't?" [Decidedly a "don't" on both accounts, if you were wondering]. A Frenchie Skirt really is a big deal in this state, and elsewhere in the South for that matter; you should get one.

4. Roundabouts Consignments: Located at 224 O'Neil Court, it's not necessarily a place you may have run into while shopping in Columbia--it's not downtown or in 5 Points, or the Vista or Sandhills for that matter, but if you dig consignment furniture and love a bargain, it's worth a trip. I recently purchased a vintage lamp for my living room and a really old globe in a wooden stand; neither of which cost more than $15. Sweet.

And look at this kitschy little dining set they have for sale, so cute:

image via here
[News flash--just read on their website that after the January 1, 2010, they will be moving to the old Stein Mart building on Two Notch Rd.]

5. Mary & Martha's: This place is a kitchen-gadget-lover's dream, without being too pretentious and over-priced that you can't buy anything. My husband loves a kitchen gadget and I've gotten him a few stocking-stuffers from here for the past few Christmases. I also got a really amazingly cute/chic, yet cheap, apron for a kitchen bridal shower not too long ago. It was so cute that several guests at the out-of-town party mentioned coming to Columbia just to visit Mary & Martha's! [It's not often that I am the guest with the "it" present at the party, so I was hugely proud]. The shop is located at 4711-16 Forest Drive.
One of my most favorite purchases that I use often to shave parmesan onto a salad, pizza, or just straight into my mouth: a finger-peeler available for $5.95 at Mary & Martha's.
image via here

And here's an apron by the same company that made the one I took to the bridal shower; available at Mary & Martha's for $17.95:
image via here

Where are your favorite local places to shop? There's still a few people on my list to buy for...

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