Thursday, July 7, 2011

Thursday's Thinking of Food (for babies)

Jones is eating baby food--and loving it!  He hasn't tried anything yet that he doesn't like; his favorite is peas.  I've posted before about making his food, which I am still doing and loving, but there are times when it's not the most convenient option.  Here is my short list of convenient, store-bought organic baby foods.  Here's what we've tried so far:

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The Plum Organics food pouches are organic and eco-friendly.  They have food for babies and toddlers, and you can find the line at Target and Whole Foods, as well as on-line.

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Boon makes a special reusable spoon that screws onto the end of Plum Organics' pouches for easy dispensing and serving on-the-go--genius!

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Ella's Kitchen organic baby food pouches are also easy to dispense and serve, and available at Target. 

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Jones has tried the sweet potatoes, pumpkin & apple and the carrots, apples & parsnips so far--loved both.

Got other recommendations on good store-bought organic baby food?

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