Monday, July 25, 2011

Cable-less and Loving It

About a month ago, my husband and I--sick of looking at our very-low bank account balance and lamenting the fact that we are always broke--decided that to save money we would get rid of cable TV.

We had AT&T U-verse for the past 6 months or so and we loved it, but since we canceled internet, (we can tether with our fancy MyTouch phones, so no need to have AT&T internet), the bill seemed a little ridiculous to pay for cable only.  We still have our Netflix membership (just switched to DVD by mail only, so we only pay $7.99/month), so we can watch full seasons of Entourage and Californication.

(I heart Jeremy Piven).

And with Hulu we can watch many of our favorite shows, like The Office.  We're really not missing much.  Plus, I find that I am a whole lot more productive, I go to sleep earlier, I read more, and James and I have more "real" conversations.  (Not just conversations about what we're watching on TV).

I was one of those people that always had the TV on for background noise more than anything else, (I've read this is a sign of ADD, but who knows).  Since recent research has shown that babies under 2 really shouldn't watch TV, it is also better for Jones that we got rid of cable.  Now we listen to NPR and music on the radio a lot more instead of the TV. 

The one thing I do miss is Jeopardy--it was the one show we watched pretty religiously, and full episodes are not available on Hulu.
I miss this--I mean, it is "America's Favorite Quiz Show," after all...
Anyone know how I can still watch Jeopardy without cable?
What about you--have you given up anything to save money lately?



  1. I know so many people who've done this and love it; I just can't give up BRAVO. J and I try to have a "Media-free Monday" once a week, but it usually isn't Monday because that day usually requires the most reason for zone-out time. :)

  2. I miss Bravo! And the new season of RZ is starting soon! Maybe it's on Hulu? Going to check now!

  3. Looks like Rachel Zoe Project IS available on HULU, but Top Chef and Bethenny Ever After aren't yet...