Thursday, July 28, 2011

Jones- 6 Months

So, the babe is half a year old.  
Jones at his Christening a week ago.  In a dress my mother made and shadow-stitched.  Both cousins have worn it too.

He is such a joy--and such a chunk.  At his check-up this week he was in the 90th percentile for both height and weight!  He is wearing 9 and 12 month clothes already.

At the beach.
Love this one of Jones and my grandmother, MamaCat, smiling at each other.
The boy is finally sleeping through the night (most nights), and he cut his first tooth in the past week.  He is loving trying new foods--he has had brown rice cereal, squash, zuchinni, green beans, peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, peaches, banana, honey dew, cantaloupe, prunes, apples with cinnamon, avocado, beets...his favorites are sweet potatoes, peas and beets!  Not digging banana yet, but we'll keep trying.  I am making almost all of his food and still enjoying it--just steaming/pureeing it all on Sunday for the week.  Organic, and sometimes local, produce as much as possible.

He can now sit unsupported and rolls over.  Most mornings we find him happily babbling and playing in his crib, waiting for us to come get him.  He is so mellow and laid back these days, it is so nice!

His newest "trick" is clapping along as we sing "If You're Happy and You Know It" to him.  He started this a few days ago, and now he knows that it elicits such a response from all around him, that he will clap randomly for attention.  The funniest is when we get him up to change his diaper at about 11 PM each night, (the boy leaks out of every diaper we've tried if we don't change it once in the middle of the night), and he is lying on the changing table smiling and clapping for us.  A half-asleep, happy baby might be one of the most amazing things in the world.

We feel so blessed to have a happy, healthy 6 month old baby boy and can't wait to see what the second half of his first year will bring.



  1. I do believe I have the most brilliant, adorable, handsome grandchild in the universe!!!

  2. His looks have changed so much! What an adorable little boy. Love this post!