Thursday, June 23, 2011

Thursday's Thinking of Food

OK, so most of my Thinking of Food posts are about eating healthier, or organic, or farm-fresh and local.  Today is not like that.  At all.

Today I saw the words "Rolo McFlurry" on the marquee of the McDonald's near my house.  WHAT!?  Sounds amazing, right?  I hadn't even thought of Rolos since I was about 12...throw them in some soft serve and mix it up--heaven.
image via here

I might have to try one...

Yes, I know how nutritionally bad they are, and no, I am not suggesting you eat McDonald's with wild abandon--or that I like their business practices.  I just want to try a Rolo McFlurry.

Anyone tried one yet?


  1. Oh yum, I haven't heard of this, but I will definitely tell my dad about it because he loves Rolos. It's certainly hot enough to enjoy any sort of frozen treat though!

  2. I have been dying to try it. Let me know if I should :).