Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Jones- 5 Months Old

So many new things have occured in the life of this child in the past month!  He took his first trip to the beach over Memorial Day weekend:

He started eating solid foods; so far he's tried brown rice cereal and homemade squash and peas--next week it's carrots.

He started school--he is loving his Child Development Center at Shandon Presbyterian Church.  They have him on a great schedule--he now naps twice a day for over 2 hours each nap!

He also loves his bath now--(up until about a month ago he screamed for the entirety of every bath we gave him).
Playing with his cousin Taylor.

Jones is the light of my life and his little personality is really starting to show itself these days.  He is very "assessive", (as my mom calls it), and it still takes a lot to make him have to work for it!  He loves to be read to already; Brown Bear is a favorite, and Goodnight Moon is climbing the charts.  And he is just starting to reach for people when he wants them-the highlight of my day this morning.

Happy Wednesday!

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  1. Hi Becca! Thanks for stopping by Button's 5 month shoot! Jones is SO CUTE! I love his cheeks. Have a fun weekend!