Thursday, June 2, 2011

(The Return of) Thursday's Thinking of Food

So, after 10 months of pregnancy and 4 months adjusting to baby, I am ready to think about food again!

What do you think of the USDA's elimination of the Food Guide Pyramid and replacing it with a plate?  In fact, you can't even find that pyramid anymore; when you go to my, which used to be the USDA site, it now takes you to
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I love that half the plate is designated for fruits and veggies now, and the recommendation to make half your grains whole grains and to drink water instead of sugary drinks is admirable as well.  However, I wish they had recommended that a percentage of protein come from sources other than meat.  (Probably won't happen anytime soon because of backlash from the US meat producers, but, it would make us all healthier, and the environment as well).  Check out the research that says so here.

Check out this Healthy Habits Kids Plate--a great idea to help you and your kiddos remember how much of each food to eat at a meal.
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So, any recommendations for the new USDA"Plate"?  Do you try to go meat-free at least one day a week?

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