Monday, June 6, 2011

The Simple Things

Here's what's making me smile after the weekend:

My baby boy's first laughter:
 (You can hear my nephew, Taylor, yelling in the background :))

My first lunch packed in my new Goodbyn bento box:
roasted chicken, black beans, roasted almonds, string cheese, pistachios, sandwich thins, and an avocado
(Goodbyn bought using the discount code provided by Bleubird Vintage--thanks!  Bleubird was also the inspiration for posting a photo of my lunch--checkout her cool kids' lunches).
And, I made our first batch of baby food with my baby food system, organic green peas--pictures and details on that to come, but it was easy and fun! 
image via here
 I think I'll try edamame and chick peas next, then maybe squash...any other suggestions on first foods for baby that are easy to make yourself?

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