Friday, May 20, 2011

Weekend Round-Up

This time of year there is always something going on around town--I love it!  I am planning to have a restful weekend, (if possible), as the babe has not been sleeping well lately, which means momma has not been sleeping well.  I hope there will be lots of lounging by the pool, naps, family time, and some homemade meals using veggies from our CSA.

One event I don't want to miss though is the final weekend of the Columbia Museum of Art's exhibit Who Shot Rock & Roll.   "The exhibition includes 175 works by more than 100 photographers and covers the rock and roll era from the 1950s to the present including some of the world's most iconic images." I am definitely going to try to go with the hubs and babe on Sunday. 
image via here
I would also like to mosey (love that word) around the All Local Farmer's Market on Saturday morning and someday soon, if not this weekend, I want to visit Judy's At the Market Restaurant at the SC State Farmers Market.  It just opened this month, and the menu looks yummy.  They make everything from scratch and their motto is "fresh, healthy and local."

For all of my expectant-mother (and father) friends--don't miss the Palmetto Health Oh Baby! event  at the convention center!  It's free and there will be tons of baby vendors, pediatricians, a fashion show and more.

Here's to a lovely spring weekend--full of almost 90-degree temps here in Columbia, and hopefully some rest!  What are you up to?

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