Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jones- 4 Months

Jones with his DiDi, (my mother)
 Four months of our life with this child, and as each day passes our former days without him seem more and more distant.  In a good way, I can hardly remember my life before Jones.  He is such a joy!

He is holding his head up so well now, and flirting and smiling with family and friends.  As my husband says, "the boy loves a compliment," as it always seems he knows when people are commenting on how cute he is or how sweet, and he smiles and coyly jerks his head from eye contact.

He is getting his first tooth already--it seems so early, but we can see it pushing through the gum on his bottom left.  As a result, he had a few pretty fussy days last week, but it seems to have abated for now.

James and I take him pretty much anywhere we go--he's been to countless USC baseball games, loads of local restaurants, the Rosewood Crawfish Festival, the Zoo, the Sheraton RoofTop Bar, and to visit family and friends.  He had his first overnight stay at his YiaYia's, (James' mom's), house last weekend.  And next week we'll take him to the beach for the first time--I can't wait!

We also have his 4-month check up at the pediatrician's next week, so I'll update you on his growth.  Thanks for indulging me in this monthly account of our little boy's development.


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