Friday, October 8, 2010

Vintage Finds and My Craftiness Makes a Come-Back

I have gotten back in touch with my crafty side the past few weeks, maybe it's part of my "nesting" phase....

Simple white kimono-style infant shirt embellished with some vintage buttons

Flour sack burp cloth embroidered with a guitar and the baby's initials, JMH
embroidery patterns from Sublime Stitching

I also got my first knitting lesson today.  I have since forgotten all I learned, as I have officially mucked-up the scarf I started this afternoon, but I will not give up!  I went to In the Loop, a knitting store on Devine Street, beside KD's Treehouse.

Lara Winburn, the owner, was so helpful and really fun.  She is pregnant too, due in December, so we had lots to talk about as she coaxed my clumsy hands to knit.  It was fun, and I will be back next Tuesday for my second lesson with a group.  As soon as I have something that halfway resembles a hand-knitted item, I'll share.

Last weekend I went to PackRats for the first time with a couple girlfriends--I am officially in love.  My two amazing vintage finds:
working vintage lamp, painted an amazing red color- only $16!

framed black & white photograph of a couch in the woods- $10

I was on a serious budget last weekend and couldn't spend any more money, even though I wanted to, but I just couldn't leave these two items in the store.  PackRats has amazing vintage clothes, shoes, purses, and household items, as well as unique handmade items--at waaay affordable prices.

PackRats is located at 2009 Greene St, beside 5 Points Tattoo.  (Walk up the stairs from Greene St, right beside Andy's Deli).

Have you any new discoveries or creations?  I'd love to hear about them.


  1. How's the knitting? Is no news, good news???

  2. Lara- the knitting is going very well! No news is good news--I will post pics of the scarf soon. It's a little over halfway done. Hope to get in there and learn how to start a baby blanket before you go out to have your little one :) Hope you're feeling better!