Wednesday, October 20, 2010

SC State Fair- for Lunch

So, the hubs and I ventured to the Fair last week for the first time in years--I had really missed it.  We went there in search of some oh-so-unhealthy, but really fun and unique Fair food for lunch.  The Fair has this amazing deal on weekdays for lunch-you pay $5 to get in, you are awarded a plastic token, then if you return the token before 2 PM, you get your $5 back.  Genius.

The pregnany cravings and aversions kept me from being too adventurous on this lunch trip--I had a slice of pizza (mediocre at best), and vanilla "ice cream" dipped in sprinkles.  This was like no other ice cream I have ever had--it was super-thick, almost an icing/marshmallow consistency--not incredibly good. 

Love this guy--it's his birthday today too!

James tried a slice of pizza and a fried blooming onion, which was perfection.  It was fried just enough, crunchy on the outside and served with a great spicy dipping sauce.  Yum!

If we go back I will definitely get some Fiske fries with vinegar.  And I'll snag some fried mushrooms to take home to mom--her favorite.

Here are some pics of items we didn't try--but we certainly had fun seeking out the most random and unhealthy of them all:
 Not even sure what this stomach refused to let me go in for a closer look...

Fried Bologna Sandwich

Deep Fried Cookie Dough, Oreos, and yes....Butter

Anybody ever tried any of these amazing deep-fried delicacies?  What's your favorite Fair food?

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