Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Gender Reveal Party

This past week the hubs and I went to the Dr. for my 5 month ultrasound, where we found out the sex of the baby.  We invited close friends and family over for the "big reveal" that evening. 

James made cupcakes with an M&M (pink or blue) in the center, and we had everyone gather together to bite into the cupcakes and discover the sex.  We also had all the guests wear pink or blue based on their guess as to the baby's sex.

"Team Blue"

"Team Pink"

Obviously, those who thought the baby was a girl greatly outnumbered those who thought it was a boy, and that was probably my doing--I was so sure it was a girl all along!
But, as everyone found out a few seconds's a BOY!

James and I are thrilled and have finally decided on a name: Jones Milledge Hill.  Jones is my mother's maiden name and Milledge is my dad's name.

Thanks to everyone who made this night so fun and special for us.  4 1/2 months to go!

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