Wednesday, March 10, 2010

A Word for Wednesday- and a Restaurant Review


to complete or make perfect

As in: The glass of Mirabelle Brut champagne that I ordered at Cellar on the Greene last night was the perfect complement to the Cheese Pizza with fresh basil.

Not to be confused with compliment--which is the main reason I chose this word for today, because I have seen it wrongly-used recently--compliment with an "i" means an expression of esteem or approval.

I am half-way through my Hampton Hills Biggest Loser Challenge--6 weeks in, and I have officially lost 17.6 lbs! We had a weigh-in last night, and I decided that I deserved a "cheat-night" afterward, and that included Cellar on the Greene's Champagne Tuesday and a pizza.

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Cellar has Champagne Tuesday EVERY Tuesday, where they feature 4-5 champagnes for really cheap prices. You can order by the glass or order a bottle to take home. I got my glass of Mirabelle for only $5, (regularly $9), and also bought a bottle to take home for only $19!! (Regularly menu-priced at $45, and on-line for $22). I love a bargain, especially of the champagne-variety.

The cheese pizza was divine--as you all know, I adore pizza, but this one was particularly amazing. Freshly-grated parmesan and manchego cheeses atop a crispy-thin crust and local tomato marinara, sprinkled with fresh basil chiffonade. Yum! Click here to see the rest of Cellar's menu. (Sorry, I have no pictures--I was so excited and overwhelmed by the taste of champagne and pizza, that I didn't once slow down or think to snap photos).

They always offer a $19 3-course special, and on Thursdays offer a 2-pizza and one bottle of wine all for $25 special. Every other Saturday they have a huge wine-tasting and sale from 12-2 pm. (They will be closed this Saturday for St. Pat's).

In addition to serving great food and awesome wines and champagnes for really reasonable prices, the staff of the Cellar is super-nice and generous! Our bartender, Laurel, was very knowledgeable about the wine and champagne and even offered me a free taste of another champagne on the menu--Cava Castellroig; she deemed it "chuggable" and I have to agree--it was very crisp and went down dangerously easy.

Kaitlin is another member of the Cellar staff and she writes her own blog, The Wine Snob--check it out for recommendations and commentary on some great wines.
Thanks, ladies and gents of Cellar on the Greene for an awesome "cheat night!"

Now, back to the Biggest Loser-approved foods/drinks for 6 weeks more...

Daily Drop Cap by Jessica Hische.


  1. 17 pounds---holy smokes! I need to look into this. Your wine and cheese pairing sounds delish. Oh dear, so hungry right now... XO

  2. Neo-Trad- You have no idea how yummy it was--food and drink always taste better when you've been depriving yourself for a bit, don't you think!?

  3. Thanks Becca!! Great review- I'm sitting here eating Pita Pit and now I'm wishing it was a pizza...

    Kaitlin aka the wine snob

  4. Love Cellar Pizza! So glad to meet you last night, Kaitlin!

  5. your blog is so cute! i've never been to charleston but you're making me want to take a trip... congrats on your weight loss!

  6. Mackenzie--thanks for checking out my blog, and thanks for the kind words!