Friday, March 26, 2010

My Weekend Plans

I am hoping for a weekend of warmth and sunshine because I have a plethora of outdoor plans:

1. All Local Farmer's Market tomorrow morning--the Garlic Man will be there, and I may have finally convinced my husband to try to eat only local, humanely grown meats, so we're stocking up! Click here to see the other vendors who will be at the market tomorrow.

2. Get in a quick run--still competing in The Hampton Hills Biggest Loser competition and we only have 4 weeks left! Down 19 lbs, but I still have a long way to go...the weather should be perfect for a run including the damn Garner's Ferry hill. If you live in Columbia, you know which one I mean--the one that starts in front of McDonald's and goes straight up for a mile until you get to the Target...(or seems to go straight up when you're running it anyway).
image via here

3. Anti-confederate flag rally at the State House tomorrow 2-5 pm. Hosted by Aaron Johnson and Grant Robertson, candidates for mayor and city council, respectively, the event will include musical performances and special guests. If you're reading this thinking, "really, what harm does it do having the flag on the state house grounds?" this and this. Click here for more info on the rally.

Our garden last year--we planted waaay too many peppers!

They sure were pretty though--and tasty in salsa

4. And finally, to round out the weekend, James and I hope to till and plant our garden on Sunday! We are a bit late on some things, but we're going to plant anyway and see what happens. We'll be planting corn, strawberries, onions, lettuces, carrots, salsa peppers, tomatoes, and green beans. (Our CSA is going to be providing us with so much other stuff--we had to choose things to plant ourselves that they aren't growing). And our garlic that we planted in December is almost ready to harvest. Pictures of the garden and garlic to come this weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend?

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