Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Tuesday Treats

Yes, it is a super-dreary day outside in Columbia, but as I've said before, I love dreary days during the fall. It means an after-work run where I hardly notice the sweat beacause of the cool mist, and a fire in the fireplace when I get home.

Here are some more things I'm looking forward to in Columbia this week: (can you tell it's already been that kind of week, where you have to look forward to things just to get through it?!)

1. Hunter-Gatherer. Love this place...they brew their own beer and have some of the best, affordable pizzas/burgers/salads in Columbia. I will be eating there after seeing Beeswax at The Nick on Thursday evening, and you can count on a post re-hashing that experience by the weekend.

The dingo displayed in the H-G...

(Picture via here)

2. All-local Farmer's Market. Now in it's new permanent home at 711 Whaley Street, this event takes place every Saturday morning from 9-12. Breakfast is served, all kinds of goodies are sold--edible and non-edible--and a community-feel is always shared. Can't wait to get some more homemade bread from Heather's Artisan Bakery, out of West Columbia, SC.

3. Halloween. My nephew is going as Elmo; precious as he is dressed in plain clothes, he is even more adorable when red and furry. I am going to go "trick-or-treating" with him early, then go to a Halloween party where I will be dressed as Rachel Zoe, and my husband--if he gets off work in time--will be dressed as Brad Goreski, Rachel's assistant. The procrastinator that I am, I have yet to create our costumes, but I know mine will include a blonde wig, lots of chunky jewelry, and large sunglasses. James' costume will include short-shorts, (James has cute legs, and can pull these off as Brad does), a bow-tie, and large-framed black glasses. Of course, pictures to come in a future post.

Happy Tuesday! What are you looking forward to in the coming weeks--I'd love to know!?

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