Tuesday, October 13, 2009

shouldn't we leave money out of it?

So, thus far I have left politics alone in this blog, and I do intend to continue to keep it light-hearted...but any of you who know me well know that I have a very definite political opinion about most things. I am a social worker, and I teach a policy class at USC...I believe that everyone should make it a point to be involved and knowledgeable about the political process and the policies that our law-makers enact on our behalf. It is also our duty as American citizens to educate our politicians and elected officials about issues that are important to us...contact your representatives!

{If you are bored now and not one for soap-boxes, please just keep reading...there are pictures and pieces of my frivolous mind after the next paragraph, I promise :) }

Here's what crossed my mind today as I read this. Can't we just leave money out of politics altogether? Now, I am not a complete idiot, I know that politicians have to make a living, and I also know that making sweeping reforms about campaign expenditures probably won't happen any time soon, but let me be idealistic for a moment. How amazing would it be if our politicians and candidates for offices such as mayor, governor, senator, representative, and yes, even President, ran on the validity of their own arguments and opinions, not on the amount of money they could raise from corporations and wealthy donors?
Is it that far-fetched of an idea? People will be elected into office based on their merits and not their fundraising capabilities...hmmm. Maybe someday that will be reality.

On a much lighter note, here are some other things I've been thinking about today:

The Season finale of The Rachel Zoe Project that was on Bravo last night...that show is totally my TV guilty pleasure. Totally bananas! PS--James and I may go as Rachel and Roger for Halloween, or he may go as Brad...I will def. post pics!
via here

These adorable hand-felted acorns by truLuxe on etsy that I want to buy for my nephew for Christmas...a bit odd as a present, but the kid adores acorns...he calls the tops of them "little hats" and puts them on his head--so cute! via here

This amazing J. Crew "jeweled garland bracelet" that I have been not-so-subtly asking my husband to get me for our 1-year anniversary coming up next month...hint, hint honey... via here

Happy Tuesday!

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