Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Indiscriminate Thoughts for the Day

Some random things to share:

+ I read this via @NYTimes Twitter yesterday: "An unpublished Tennessee Williams story about campus lust will soon be published "  Yes, please!  I have been kind of obsessed with Tennessee Williams, namely A Glass Menagerie , since seeing friends perform it at my middle school. This is exciting news.

+ Saw this in my Facebook feed this morning:

"This is Aaron- father to the magical Elvie, husband to @Jessica Bornick and fiercely loyal and fun loving friend to all. Aaron will soon begin treatment for a recently diagnosed brain tumor. In order to raise funds and help offset medical bills we are adding a new special to our menu. Please join us every Wednesday for Aaron's Lunchbox: Mean Bean Burrito (yum!), chips, salsa, a donut (of course!) and special treats. Each week the items will change and we will be bringing on friends to help us curate this box of fun! All proceeds will go directly to the family, so come show your support and eat your heart out for one of Columbia's biggest sweethearts."

Aaron used to teach at my child's daycare, and his wife Jessica is behind the awesome children's line Owlette, which I have blogged about before.  Please support this family if you're in Columbia, and order Aaron's Lunchbox at El Burrito on Wednesdays.

+ I'm a huge proponent of raising the minimum wage in our country, as I see the human side of the issue daily.  I work with adults who are working--many times full-time--yet can't make ends meet to support their families because they make a miserably-insufficient minimum wage.  I fully admit that I am not an economist, and therefore don't understand that side of the debate, but I've been trying to educate myself a bit from that perspective.  This article/research makes some great points, taking into account the economics of it all: How to Reduce Poverty and Save Taxpayers $4.6 Billion a Year.  This makes quite a statement too: 600 Economists Sign Letter in Support of $10.10 Minimum Wage.

+ My Birdie will be 1 in a week, and her flower-themed party is scheduled for next weekend.  I have been "pinning" inspiration on my Birthday Party Ideas Pinterest board.  I am enamored with this cake, and plan to undertake something similar:
via here
I've also asked a local friend of mine to create a succulents centerpiece for the event; I can't wait to see what Succulent Columbia creates!

Planning my children's birthdays is kind of a hobby of mine, so I'll share how Birdie's 1st turns out.  I shared Jones' 3rd birthday party--marching band themed--on my Fig Columbia blog.

+ And last, but certainly not least, today is Bee Day 2014 in SC! Advocates for comprehensive sex ed reform in SC public schools are talking to legislators at the state house today.  If you want to be counted among the thousands of South Carolinians who believe the best way to address many of our state's problems is through age-appropriate, medically accurate health education and access to comprehensive reproductive health services, then add your name to the Reproductive Bill of Rights on the Tell Them site. 

Happy Wednesday.


  1. Regarding the minimum wage debate: Don't just go by what "X numbers of economists say". Economics is a science, and science isn't done by consensus. For instance, here's 500 economists who say exactly the opposite

    One particularly interesting argument about the minimum wage from a Nobel Laureate (in economics) is here:

    By the way, great idea for the marching band themed party! That's something that all economists would agree on!

    1. I have an on-going debate with my brother-in-law (who is a CFP) about the minimum wage, and though as you say, Economics is a science, it's still difficult to tie minimum wage increases (historically) to job loss. It's also difficult to find research that is non-partisan about this topic, (it's all by either The Heritage Foundation or a very liberal outlet). Here's something I found by Brookings Institute however, which seems a bit more centrist: Regardless of the economics of it, I personally feel like it's a human rights/dignity issue, not to mention just common sense. There is not a single town or city in our country today where a person can work a minimum wage job full-time and afford a fair market rent house or apartment. That is ridiculous.
      Thanks for the compliment on the marching band party theme--it was my 3 year old's idea! Hope you & your family are well. And thanks for reading!

  2. i can't believe birdie is about to be one! i feel like you just had her!!

    1. Tell me about it! I think it's because she's the second baby, but her first year has literally flown by. Hope to see you soon, and thanks for reading!