Friday, March 14, 2014

Some Beach-Read Reviews

Fresh off a plane from the Dominican Republic, I give you a couple book reviews:

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The Love Affairs of Nathaniel P. was highly entertaining.  It took me a couple chapters to get past the sullen, misogynistic superciliousness of the main character, but once I endeared to him just a bit, I was hooked.  Probably because I've known men like him.  And women like the women he describes. (Hell, I've been like those women at times in my life).  I will definitely be reading more of Adelle Waldman in the future.

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This one was passed on to me by my cousin who had to read it in a class on Middle Eastern history, I think.   Girls of Riyadh is an interesting look into the lives of modern young women in Saudi Arabia; still trapped by the stifling patriarchy and arranged-marriage-society in which they find themselves, but largely yearning for a more western-modern love life.  A bit chic-lit-ish, but with just enough social commentary to make you feel like you learned something. A good beach read.

What should I read next? My friend Katherine Yon of Eat, Shop, Love has some pretty great book reviews on her blog, if you're searching for a new one.
Happy Friday!

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