Thursday, March 20, 2014

Temporary Tattoos for the Toddler Set

I am a fan of tattoos.  I have two, and I have never regretted them. A star on the in-step of my right foot, and a bird on my back. My husband has a few, and I am a sucker for a man with a sleeve.

I get why many do not like them, and I also get that they're not that "edgy" anymore either--I mean, according to recent polls, 14% of all Americans have one. And 17% of those have some regret over their tattoo.

My 3 year old is getting to the age where he likes to talk about and look at mine and my husband's tattoos, and like many kids his age, he likes to sport temporary tattoos.  So, this is a round-up of some really cool, artsy temporary tattoos that I've found recently--some of which you can buy locally:

Wee Gallery Origami Tattoos ($5 for a dozen!)

Tattly Popsicles tattoos ($5 for 2 sets)
Tattyoo Fruit & Veg tattoos (6.00 EUR for 2 sets)
Poppy Drops Panda temporary tattoo earring
Poppy Drops Glow-in-the-Dark Animal Friends tattoo earrings ($6.95 for 1 sheet)

These Poppy Drops temporary tattoo earrings (that are made with veggie-dyes, by the way), can be found locally at KD's Treehouse! They have a variety of styles, as well as some cool Poppy Drops tattoo nail art.  (They'd make a perfect Easter basket addition, no?)

And for those craving simplicity:
pepperink tiny heart tattoo ($5 for 5)
I want them all for myself...and my toddlers.  What do you think, are you a tattoo fan?  Do you know some kids who would love these temporary ones?

Also, Obama's method for stopping his daughters from getting tattoos.  Love it.

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