Friday, April 4, 2014

Columbia Open Studios- You Should Go

preview party art

James and I went to last  night's Columbia Open Studios Preview Party.  I fell in love with a couple things that I cannot afford. 

We have Birdie's 1st birthday party and a play to attend this weekend, so not sure how much time we'll have to actually see some of the open studios, but here's my priority list if we can work it in:

Studio Carlisle: this one gives you a ton of bang for your buck.  Five artists' works are housed here; I actually own a painting by Page Morris, see below.  She, plus Julia Moore and Kevin Smith are generous donors to the St. Lawrence Place Angels Tea silent auction, so patronize them if you can!  All of their work is gorgeous.

Page Morris collage/painting

One Eared Cow Glass: I have not been here in ages, and I think Jones would love seeing the craftsman at work.  They have some really affordable art pieces for sale every day; unique gift ideas!  Maybe I'll look for a Mother's Day gift...

Nora Floyd & Ruth Bayard of A Checkered Past: My mother has been a long-time fan of the jewelry these ladies create, often from re-purposed vintage items. 

mom's necklaces from A Checkered Past

Viridian Gallery & Studio: Another spot where you can see four or more featured artists' works, including long-time St. Lawrence Place supporter, Nini Ward.  She is an extremely generous woman and talented artist.

Which ever artists' studio into which you may venture, you're sure to glimpse some of the amazing talent that Columbia has to offer.  Print off a guide with maps here, or grab this week's Free Times.  Go, enjoy!

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