Wednesday, December 15, 2010

A Confession...and Why I Love NPR

The confession first: I listen to and enjoy pop/rap music.  I heart PINK and Kelly Clarkson and Kanye West and Ludacris, and most recently, Bruno Mars.  There.  I said it.  Feels good to have that off my chest.

In that vein--here's the second part of the post, why I love NPR: because they are not so discriminating in their story topics that they won't do a piece on an artist like Bruno Mars. 

Bruno Mars image via here

I mean, really, I do know that he is a cheesy, young pop/rap star, and that is not usually the kinds of interviews I tune into NPR to hear or ingest.  I love NPR for its serious news and in-depth analysis of current events and things that can make me sound smart at my next cocktail party, but I also love that I heard an interview with Bruno Mars on NPR a couple weeks ago.  And I love that he was so genuine and well-spoken and smart-sounding, that I was pleasantly surprised. 

Listen to the interview with Weekend Edition Saturday here.

Listen to Bruno Mars' most recent hit, Grenade, here.  Mock me (and him) if you will, but most everyone has felt the way he expresses in this song...

Happy Wednesday!

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