Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Christmas Rush

I am so ready for Christmas this year!  All of my shopping is complete as of today.  Jealous?

Since I'm finished, I thought maybe I'd help out some of you who may not be...some of my favorite last-minute gifts to be found in Columbia:

1) Go to the All Local Farmer's Holiday Market TODAY!  4-7 PM, 711 Whaley Street.  From the website: "It should be a delightful evening of local artisans, fresh local food, wine tastings and a delicious dinner from the always-wonderful Gervais & Vine!"   Find handmade items, flowers, wines, and fresh foods to make awesome gifts for anyone!

2)  Need something for mom, grandmother, sister, or best friend?  How about gorgeous, always stylish, (and on sale), suede gloves from 2 G's Clothing Company, 723 Saluda Ave in 5 Points?!  The staff is so friendly and helpful, and the prices are always affordable--everything is on sale right now!  (I just bought gloves in black there yesterday for my mom--they also had brown, camel and red--$30).  And they'll wrap your gift for free!

3) Just the Thing! is having a Buy Two Get One Free Sale on Wire Bangles and Stretchy Necklaces:

Wire bangles

4) My mom was headed to Tic Toc Candy Shop on Santee Ave. for some last minute stocking stuffers and gifts when I talked to her a bit ago--what a great idea!  (Hope she gets some things for the grown-up kids in her life).  (Images via Tic Toc's Facebook page)

 For the kids...

And the grown-ups.
These look ah-mazing--I have been craving Rice Krispy Treats!
Inspiration for me and Ben for tomorrow--these are for sale!
Having kids around, (and in my case, almost around), really does make Christmas seem so much more fun.  On Friday I am going to make a gingerbread house with my 3 1/2 year old nephew, Ben, (pics to come on the blog!)  I'm sure it will prove to be super-messy and fun.

Tonight the hubs and I are going to have a marathon-wrapping party until it is all done.  We have wrapped nothing yet, so we have piles of things to wrap.  I'm also going to make and ice gingerbread cookies tonight :)

Tomorrow night my family is going out to dinner with our close family friends, the Nunn's--it is a tradition of ours to eat with them on December 23rd every year.  Ruth's Chris, here we come--yum!

Friday night I will be at my sister's house for a Christmas Eve dinner, and then Christmas day we will make our rounds to all of our family's houses to share meals and open gifts. 
Whew--I am excited.

What are your holiday plans?  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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