Monday, December 20, 2010

8 Weeks and Counting...

Here's the most recent pictures of the baby bump at 8 months (32 weeks)--
it feels more like a baby mountain now:

Cat, Taylor & me (and Jones, in the belly)
me & James

I am feeling pretty good these days; I try not to complain too much because I am certainly feeling much better than I did for the first 16 weeks, but sleep is pretty uncomfortable these days, and the heartburn is ooc...hormones are still crazy, but at least James has learned to adjust to them.  (I have a great husband who has been really supportive throughout this whole pregnancy; thanks for that, hon).

So, as the weeks dwindle and Jones' appearance becomes more and more imminent, it is certainly "on the brain," and I just felt like doing a little post detailing what I have loved the most about being prego and what I miss the most being prego:

1) Knowing that a real-live baby, that is equal parts me and James, is actually growing inside me.  What a miracle.
2) Feeling said baby move, kick, flutter, and yes, sometimes scratch inside my belly.  It is indescribably amazing.
3) Having grown so much closer to my husband, knowing that we have created a life and we are in it together to raise this baby and make him the smartest, most amazing human we know how to raise.
4) The smiles from strangers as they catch sight of my belly.
5) Knowing that this baby will grow up with all of his family around him--my parents, James' parents, our sisters and most of all his cousins, Ben (3) and Taylor (6 months).

1) Having my body work the way that I'm used to it working and look like I'm used to it looking (ie. being able to sit up from a lying down position without having to roll to one side or the other; standing up from a sitting position without having to ask for a helpful tug).  Cankles are no fun.
2) Sleeping on my belly.  I am a belly-sleeper by nature and I miss it terribly.
3) Running.  (Yes, I really do miss it).  I know some super-women who are able to run throughout their pregnancies, but I have not been one of them, and I miss it.
4) Alcohol.  I have abstained since the day I found out I was pregnant and I really want champagne soon.  And an extra-dirty vodka martini.  Or three.
5) Caesar salad.  No one told me until I got pregnant that this was something you shouldn't eat--(a true Caesar dressing has raw eggs in it, so to be safe you shouldn't eat it).  I miss it.
6) My clothes.  Obviously I have maternity clothes, but I am cheap and hate spending money on something that I will only wear for a few months, so I have a set number of outfits that work right now. 

During this week before Christmas, I am feeling so blessed and thankful for this child, Jones Milledge, growing inside of me.  Thanks for indulging me and reading this post--I can't wait to introduce him to all of you in 8 weeks!

What are you thankful for this Christmas week?
XO, Becca


  1. I absolutely cannot wait to meet baby Jones! You and James are going to be awesome parents!!!

  2. Thanks, Shirra! We're so excited, and happy to have friends around to help us and share with us :)