Thursday, October 6, 2011

Jones- 8 Months

The past month has been so fun, as Jones has started "scooting" (not quite crawling) and showing his sweet personality more and more...but it has also been a little rough because he has been sick a lot.  In the past 6 weeks Jones had had his first 3 illnesses--they definitely took their toll on our poor boy, and the whole household, as no one slept very well!  But, knock on wood, he is feeling better and I hope it is a long while before he is sick again.

Last month we took Jones to the Outerbanks to attend our friends', Heidi & Tom's, wedding, and they had their precious little boy there too, "LT."  We all loved seeing the boys meet for the first time, and getting to hang out in a beautiful house on the beach together for a few days.

Jones found his first crush in the OBX- 5 year old Jules!
chubby, naked, and bald--does it get any cuter?!
baby loves to travel
Sweet, amazing, boy...he is grabbing onto things and trying to pull-up...can't quite do it yet, but he may just bypass crawling altogether.  He is really good at entertaining himself these days--loves to talk to himself and play with blocks and rattle toys.  He loves when mommy sings (go figure!) and any music--he bounces in time and smiles.

Loving every second!
Happy Thursday!

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